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Meeting Rooms Hotel in Valencia

Meeting Rooms Hotel in Valencia

If you are looking for a room for your next event, meeting or celebration, we offer the event rooms of ILUNION Valencia 3, located in the same building. Our rooms have natural light, a projector, free Wi-Fi, sound system, air conditioning and heating and an open plan design for your events. We have a technical team to help you ensure that it all turns our perfectly. At ILUNION Valencia 3 and 4 we have 6 different event rooms of different sizes to suit your needs. Drop by and enquire about them!

  • U-shaped      U-shaped   44
  •   feast feast 53
  • cocktailcocktail 105
  • school school 58
  • imperialimperial 88
  •   theater theater 48

Presentación Room

The Presentación Room, located in ILUNION Valencia 3, is a spacious 104 m2 room. The perfect option for events and private meetings. Fitted with technical and audiovisual equipment.

  • U-shaped   U-shaped 33
  •  feast  feast 65
  • cocktailcocktail 28
  •  school school 37
  •  theater theater 55
  •   imperial  imperial 30

Exposición Room

The Exposición Room is 66 m2 in size and fitted with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. Enjoy free Wi-Fi connection in the room.

  • Form or   school    Form or school 85
  • banquet  banquet 175
  •  Cocktail Cocktail 70
  • schoolschool 95
  • TheatrerTheatrer 140
  • imperialimperial 75

Presentaciones + Exposiciones Room

The result of joining up our Presentación and Exposición Rooms is a spacious 170 m2 venue with a capacity for 175 people, ideal for larger events. It also has the material and equipment you may require to ensure a successful event. Come and celebrate with us!

  • U-shaped       U-shaped 53
  • feast feast 105
  • cocktailcocktail 44
  •  school school 44
  •  theater theater 88
  •   imperial  imperial 48

Convenciones Room

Perfect naturally lit room, with audiovisual equipment, laptop computer, free Wi-Fi… This is a highly versatile 105 m2 room. Drop by to take a look and find out more!

  • banquetbanquet 205
  •  Cocktail Cocktail 88
  • school  school 115
  • TheatreTheatre 175
  • Form of u    Form of u 105
  •   Imperial Imperial 95

Convenciones + Presentaciones Room

The result of joining the Convenciones and the Presentaciones Room is a spacious 209 m2 area with a capacity for 205 people. This room has all the equipment and material you may need to ensure the success of your event.

  • Form u  Form u 180
  • banquetbanquet 275
  • CocktailCocktail 125
  •  school school 150
  • TheatreTheatre 250
  •  Imperial Imperial 125

Gran Fórum

For large events, our Gran Fórum Room, the largest in the hotel, is the ideal option for your events in Valencia. 274 m2 in size and a capacity for 275 people. A spacious and open plan area for events such as weddings or conventions. Enquire about it and come and see our celebration rooms.